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Swimming Pool & Spa Services

Keeping your pool in top condition requires professional service from the trained and experienced aquatic specialists at Stateline Pool & Spa. We use our experience in repairs, replacements, and other necessary services to maintain residential and commercial pools. Owners benefit from our technicians’ expertise in any components and chemicals, including pumps, filters, and automation. Let us take care of the work while you relax and enjoy your pool!

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Services

Initial Fill
Drain & Clean
Water Balancing

When It Comes To Your Pool Or Spa - We Are The Experts

We specialize in water chemistry as well as complete pool/spa automation and new equipment sales.

Water Testing/Analysis & Chemicals

Our team of trusted pool experts can help you get the chemicals, filters, and other items you need to keep your pool clean and comfortable.

Pool & Spa Automation

From pumps to lights to heaters, we can automate your system, allowing you to set the mood with your pool & spa before you get home.

Pool & Spa Equipment

In addition to our wide assortment of pool services, we also help customers with spa and hot tub repairs and replacement services

Pool & Spa Advanced Sanitization

Saltwater chlorination, mineral purification, ozone, UV or AOP…we can help with your eco-friendly advanced sanitization options!

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Stateline Pool & Spa

Stateline Pool & Spa provides chemical and equipment sales and delivery, along with pool/spa inspections for home sales and purchases. Working in concert with many manufacturers and distributors, we are dedicated to providing the best and most up-to-date services and equipment. We specialize in water chemistry as well as complete pool/spa automation and variable speed pumps.

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